EMF Protection

Feel the angels surrounding  and protecting you wherever you go!  This beautiful unisex Shungite pendant with Tibetan silver angel wings and heart is perfect gift for someone you love.

The pendant sits on a very fashionable, sturdy, black silk, adjustable cord necklace.  This is a great pendant for teens , tweens and children to feel loved and protected wherever they are. Recommended for adolescence to get a longer 24 – 32 inch chain that can be worn under clothing and easily be taken on and off over the head.  

*** It is imperative for children of all ages to be protected from EMFs/EMRs in school.  It has been known that when wearing a shungite pendant to school a child is calmer, more attentive and  has less fatigue in school and throughout the day.***

100% Karelian Shungite is scientifically proven to contain the Fullerene molecule that neutralizes radiation and attacks free radicals instantly.

Feel the positive vibes of pendants handmade in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Always stay protected from radiation and WiF.  Keep you and your loved ones safe!

(All shungite is certified and imported from Karelia, Russia)


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