5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off!

You may recognize this phrase or it may remind you of a rocket launch. Recently, I finished the book, "The 5 Second Rule" and absolutely loved it. I find that funny because a few months ago my book club read it but I resisted it. Interesting.... Normally, I read like crazy. At home my husband has a 5-minute rule that he swears by for keeping him organized. Whenever he would tell me about it I would brush him off because honestly, it just didn't sound very fulfilling! I am sure he is rolling his eyes at me now even though his concept is quite different. 

Like I always say, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." (If you know who said that please let me know). What amazed me about The 5 Second Rule book is how quickly you can implement the author, Mel Robbins' , rule and apply it to any situation in your life.

Mel teaches that when you have an inspiring thought or idea you only have 5 seconds to physically take action on it before your brain, which likes to keep you in your comfort zone, will squash that idea & talk you out of it. Has this ever happened to you? Before you even realize that brilliant thought is gone!

Those thoughts are actually your intuition inspiring you to be the person you are destined to be and poof! Your brain just crushed your dream. Wait! What? That's not good! However, if you take a physical action within 5 seconds to move towards that idea it's game on. Taking immediate action disrupts the brain and allows you to go ahead with your idea. It has to be a quick decision to act or your idea will be crushed. 

When I was a kid I did acrobatics. It was a lot of fun but was scary too. Whenever our instructor heard us say, "I can't" we were punished with 10 backbends on our knees. She saw our doubt creep in and acted against it immediately with something physical that disrupted our pattern, made us stronger, and gave us confidence the more we did it. I so appreciate her for doing that. At home if I said, "I can't," I am sure one of my three brothers would agree with me. I am sure you can see where that dialogue would take me. Definitely not to a good place, right? 

Too often we stop ourselves. That voice inside our head steps in and creates doubt, fear and paralyzes us. If you are like me you can probably remember this happening. I know when I got the idea to start working out that voice got in the way for months before I was able to push past it. I wish I had known about Mel's book at the time because the whole process would have been much smoother. Her rule is so simple. In her words, "It is simple, not easy." 

At the start of every CrossFit workout we set the clock and count down 3-2-1-Go! as we run out the door to start our workout. It is just like Mel's rule albeit shorter. I have started using it before my lifts as well and can feel a difference in my intensity, my strength and connecting to my power. 

We need to connect with our own drive, our desire to change and act without overthinking it. You truly only have 5 seconds. Try it for yourself and let me know how you use it. If you want to know what Mel suggests to start read her book. You will be glad you did. 

You can find her book and other favorites HERE.

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