Episode 128-The ‘Fit Mama’ Helping Transform Your Body and Mind

There have been times in my life when I have met a person and said to myself, "This is someone who gets me and is a higher caliber than most." The first time I met Scott Ferguson, host of the Time to Shine Today Podcast, was one of those times. He is a US Navy Veteran and I have a ton of respect for him, of course. Anyone who would take a bullet for you without even knowing you is a different breed indeed. What I really like about him though is his giving heart. People talk a lot about GRIT these days but he goes beyond that. 

Take the time to listen to our interview. You will love his style. Subscribe to his podcast, Time to Shine Today. It is all about Leveling Up. He shares so many knowledge nuggets that can be applied to our every day lives. 

You can also listen to the audio here. 


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