Dips by Kerry Marraffino


Dips are a great way to work on your triceps. Other muscles worked include your anterior deltoids, pectoralis (pecs) and your rhomboids. I like the fact that you can do them almost anywhere. All you need is something to do them on. Get creative with this. I have used a box, a sturdy chair or couch, my front steps, a park bench or railing. When in a pinch I have even done them in a parking lot on the parking stop or curb. You don't get as much range of motion but it is better than nothing! (I'm gonna stop now with all the places you can do them. I am starting to feel like Dr. Seuss. 

Here is a quick video of a dip. You can bend your knees like I do or keep your legs straight. Keep your chest up - do not lean forward or round your shoulders forward. Come down until your elbow is at ninety degrees. Here is a link to the videoWhile you are there please subscribe to my You Tube channel. 

This is one of the exercises in my new book, "31-Day Workout Challenge." You can find it on Amazon here.

As always, reach out if you have any questions. Comment if you have done it and let me know what you think of this move. 


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