Happy Mother's Day - Honoring My Mom

What really ignited my passion in my own health was the passing of my Mom from breast cancer almost 17 years ago. That doesn't mean that I wasn't interested in taking care of myself and eating healthy until that moment. Quite the contrary, in fact. However, losing her at such a young age really made me think about my own life and my own mortality. 

I went through a period of time where I let the fear of getting sick run how I approached my health. I had doctors run tests that were unnecessary and potentially harmful. Thankfully, I have changed my ways and no longer worry about things that I cannot control. I do my best to stay healthy and make sure that I live my life and enjoy it. Imagine how much more free I feel. 

Today I went for my annual breast, abdomen and thyroid thermography. This always makes me think of my Mom and wonder if we detected her breast cancer sooner would she still be here? Thermography detects issues 6-8 years BEFORE they turn into a tumor that can be seen on a mammogram. This allows time to correct the issue and find the root cause before it becomes an even bigger problem. Plus, it does so without exposing me to any radiation.

I miss my Mom every day. There are so many things that she wasn't here for but I know she is still watching me grow, mess up, succeed, fall and rise. I imagine her watching over me and my family. Every time I see a rainbow I say hello to her. 

This Mother's Day I will be doing a workout in her honor. I would love it if you would do it. This is the workout. It is a lighter weight because that is all I have available right now. Feel free to adjust as needed. 

You are probably wondering, "Why all the 5s and 13s?" My Mom's birthday was on May 13th. That is why when I compete you may see the number 13 on my arm. That was her favorite number and for me it is a reminder that she is there with me cheering me on. This is my Mom.

I hope that you enjoy the workout. For all of the Moms reading this I hope you know how awesome you are. You may not always feel like you're doing a good job but you are. You are the one who picks up the pieces when we fall down and has our back no matter what. What can we do FOR YOU this Mother's Day? I'd love to hear from you.

Please comment and share on Facebook. Tag someone who would enjoy doing this workout for an incredible Mom. 


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