How My Little Whiteboard Got its Start

This is the start of one of the tools I use in my daily life. If you are human you will probably recognize the whiteboard. Great for jotting down erasable thoughts, notes, lessons, lists, etc. 

I actually made this little whiteboard myself with a mini clipboard I got at Walmart for $1.98 and some whiteboard contact paper that you can buy here. Sorry, I don't include many links but I know you are going to ask because it is very cool!

I started by using it on my desk then I moved onto the kids' bathroom mirror to write their goals and reminders. Actually, my daughter takes it upon herself to update them herself which I love. One of my jobs as a parent is to teach my kids how to set goals and this is just the start for them. 

It is common for CrossFit gyms to use a huge whiteboard to write the day's workout for the class to follow. They call that the WOD or workout of the day. I have found that I like the community it builds. We can see how others did and encourage them, see where we might need some work, etc. 

However, at times it is hard to read the whiteboard from across the room. Plus, I can't remember the whole workout and trust me, I make a lot of mistakes. I saw mini whiteboards when I dropped into Hell Roaring CrossFit in Montana. I liked the idea but didn't think I would actually use it. It was just different than what I was used to but I did have a 14 -inch square whiteboard that I would bring on Sundays to do my own workouts. That was great the first time I used it. The next few times I got tired of it flying around my car on my drive to the gym. I would get there and half my workout had rubbed off or I dripped water on it. 9 months later I have found a better solution that I really like. There is something special that happens in your brain when we physically write something down. If you have a goal you want to hit - write it down and look at it often. Don't just think about it. 

My little whiteboard has become my own special place to record my thoughts, workouts, notes and ideas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you end up getting your own little whiteboard please let me know. 


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