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When I get an idea I don't know where it will lead me. I might have a desired result in mind; however, until I follow through I can't be sure of the outcome. I am always testing new ideas and enjoy the process of experimentation. I love when someone agrees to travel down this path of discovery to see what will happen.  

My friend and R.E.P.S. member, Sumeet, signed up for my 31 Days of Workouts. His goal was to gain strength and lose some weight. I saw this as a great opportunity to test his strength and results so I reached out to him with a request.

Many times when people embark on their quest to accomplish their goals they neglect to determine a way to measure their results. I have seen this when people start on a nutrition plan. There may be many reasons why people don't track their results. They might be afraid they won't succeed, afraid of success or it could be that they are having a hard time being honest with where they are starting from.  I completely get this and want you to know that I have been there. When I decided I wanted to lose weight  I did not want to take my photos or my measurements. 

Sumeet was very willing to put in the work and track his results. The strength test was simple. I asked him to see how many push-ups he could do in 60 seconds and record the results. You can see his video above. After he completed my 31 Days of Workouts I asked him to rest one day and to again record how many push-ups he could do in 60 seconds. He went from doing 25 push-ups to being able to complete 36 push-ups. That is a 44% increase in strength and endurance!!!

Watch this video from Sumeet's second strength and endurance test. 

"On Instagram, I started following CrossFit™ athletes but couldn't follow their workouts as they are too advanced. But I got to see your profile & your workouts, Kerry. I realized that even though I love doing this I need to be strong with the basics. Your 31 Days of Workouts were just what I needed." -- Sumeet D.

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UPDATED: January 26, 2021 
Note: Sumeet spent approximately 15 to 20 minutes on each workout. Some he completed  in 2 rounds and others he did 3 rounds.





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