My Life as a Soccer Mom

We have busy weekends between my training and the kids' sports. It was one of those weekends with 2 soccer games at 2 different locations. I am grateful the games were at least at different times. 

I had just showed up at my son's game and did the tag team child swap with my husband. I got out to the field, sat down, a light rain started but I am smart and had my rain jacket. Life was good! Things were great until I heard a wailing, crying scream. I recognized the sound of my own child (Mom's are great at knowing this sound from miles away). I looked up across the field and saw my son lying on the ground screaming, and the coach was telling the other players to take a knee. Not something you want to hear especially when it is for your kid.

Remember, my paramedic husband had just left so it was up to me. I got up from my wet chair, said "Crap, that's MY son!" For 10 seconds or so I hesitated, not knowing if I was allowed on the field, if I was going to embarrass him, what I was going to find, etc. Then I jogged out on the field as non-chalantly as I could. I knelt down placed my palm on his chest and said very calmly, "Mom is here. Take 3 deep breaths." As he continued to cry he told me he was hit in the nose by a shoulder. Now I was wondering if he had broken his nose. Where was my paramedic? This kind of stuff is his job. Deep breath for me... That's ok, my husband once told me during a similar situation that if he freaked out then I could worry. 

So I stayed calm. Told him to take some more deep breaths and asked him if he could sit up. At that point I heard the coach tell him to take his time. Maybe I was pushing him too hard? Someone offered 3 loose ice cubes. Really? Who brings 3 ice cubes to a hurt athlete? LOL Well, my son took 1 and I told him it would be really cold but to put it on his nose. What I was really trying to do was distract him and get him to calm down.  (I wasn't ready for an ambulance yet.) I looked at his nose and could see it was swelling and bright red. Okay, well we didn't have all day so I asked him if he felt he could get up and he did. The coach and ref were ready to help get him to the sidelines. I could tell the high-pitched screams had gotten to them. However, I think they saw a glimmer of hope when he got up or maybe they wanted my son to make the decision. They asked him if he wanted to sit out. I will tell you his answer shortly.

Those of you who are parents might feel the same as me sometimes when I wonder to myself if I am really doing a good job at the parenting thing. I mean, seriously, are my kids kind or selfish little brats? When given a choice will they be generous and nice, figure things out on their own?, will they be able to make decisions to help them survive in the world? That is really all I want as a parent other than for my kids to be happy and safe is for them to be able to fend for themselves and be kind to others along the way. Now back to his answer...

He confidently said that he would like to stay in the game. I could see he still had tears in his eyes and was shaky on his feet but I could tell he meant it. So I gave him a kiss on the top of his head (screw the embarrassment) and headed off the field. As a jogged to the sideline a man told me, "Good job, Mom." I smiled at him and said, "the deep breaths usually work." My son continued the game as aggressively as before, not timid or afraid to get hit again. I was impressed by his courage and ability to shrug it off.

When the game was over that they crushed by the way, I told my son that I was proud of him for continuing to play even though he got hit hard in the nose. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, we didn't have any subs to come in and play for me." That is the moment when I knew I am doing a great job as a parent and all was well in our world again. 


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