Partner Competitions: Tips & Thoughts


So many things go through my mind when I hear about a Crossfit competition. Mostly they are questions like is it a partner comp?, is there a Masters division, same sex teams or co-ed ? how many workouts and finally, if it's a partner competition, "Who can I get to be my partner?" I have done quite a few CrossFit competitions which sounds funny to me as I write these words because I quit gymnastics when I was 11 years old as I had zero desire to compete. When I started CrossFit 11 years ago I had trouble doing 10 lunges in the warm-up. My balance and strength were poorly lacking, and I wobbled all over the place fearful of toppling over. If you go back to my first blog post you can read my story about where I started and when I competed in Disney Fit Challenge with 2 other incredible women who continue to inspire me every day.

When I compete I don't always make it to the podium. (I have a history of ending up in a tiebreaker and that really sucks). One thing is always is certain is that I have fun, learn a lot and give all I got. I always do my best and give 110%. That never changes. When I have a partner or even multiple partners it changes the dynamic. mainly due to the fact that it's not just me anymore. My partners are depending on me to keep up, pick up the slack, excel in any area I feel extra skilled and to keep it all in check so I don't run out of steam too early. It can be a lot of pressure. I want to do well but most importantly, I want to hold up my end of the deal and help my teammate(s).

Extra points always go to the partner who can think of the most creative and catchy team name. I have seen some good ones. Team names might describe you and your partner or you might want to to pick a name that makes the announcer cringe every time he/she has to say it over the microphone. LOL 

When you compete you might get lucky enough to have the organizers take mercy on you & post the workouts prior to the comp or they might be a surprise until you show up on competition day. Both options are fun but speaking  from experience your  chance of performing well or placing is if you can practice ahead of time. Also, if you know what moves you will be doing you know what gear to bring! (I will write a list of my favorite year at the end of this post.)

Tips of what to do ahead of time:

  1. Practice the workouts (WODs) a few times. Take notes of your time and what worked, what you can do to improve. Rest and repeat that workout another day to see where you made gains. Refine even farther.
  2. Day before - fuel with healthy food, plenty of complex carbs and
  3. Hydrate!

What to Bring!

1. ALL your Gear! Seriously, you never know what you're up against. Be prepared. 

2. Change of clothes and pair of flip flops or slides.

3. Shade tent (I live in Florida) and I have been known to bring a fan and an extension cord. Hey, it's the cool tent!

4. Zero Gravity chairs. Trust me on this! :) Regular beach chairs will work too. 

5. Cooler with ice and food for the day. Throw a big ziploc bag in the cooler in case you get injured and need ice. Bring more food than you think you will need. You might want to share or trade with a friend. 

6. Filtered water and bananas.

7. Recovery supplements. If going bare bones at the very least bring some sea salt to replenish your electrolytes and keep muscle cramps at bay. You don't know how many athletes I have saved with this simple tip.

8. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen although don't put it too close to your eyes. It will migrate when you start to sweat. If it's waterproof it will be difficult to wash out and it burns. You've been warned. 

9. Print the workouts and any rules or scorecards you may need. READ ALL THE RULES AND STANDARDS before competition day. Be clear what is allowed or not allowed. Arguing with your Judge doing the workout is a bad idea. It never works out well. 

10. For the Masters athletes or those athletes who are seasoned, high-maintenance or just like the finer things in life bring your Theragun and some rubbing alcohol wipes. People will want a turn. I mean, who wouldn't?

That being said, when in doubt keep it simple. You don't need every style of CrossFit shoe that you own. Pick one that is versatile that allows you to move quickly with maximum comfort and stability. 

Make sure you warm up before each workout and get in the right frame of mind. I prefer to run the alley to get my heartrate up. Usually you will see me in a deep squat down range with my eyes closed and prayer hands doing some box breathing as I repeat my mantra and visualize myself going through the workouts with ease and accomplishing my desired outcome. That's pretty much it! Good luck. If it's your first time it's normal to be nervous. Do it anyway. You will be happy you did!

My favorite gear can be found here. I have personally used everything listed below and can highly recommend it. 
  1. Deceitful Strength - Monkey Grips & Ape Tape
  2. Unbroken Shop - weighted vest and wrist wraps
  3. Karelia Creations - shungite band for your heart rate monitor or smart watch. It neutralizes the EMFs. 
  4. Naboso - Recovery socks, Neuro Ball and insoles

P.S. The links above are affiliate links; therefore, I may earn a small fee. It will not increase your price.

P.P.S. The video above was taken at the Deer Games 2022 in Deerfield Beach, Florida at CrossFit Deerfield Beach


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