Shero WOD for my Mom

I lost my Mom almost 15 year ago to breast cancer. Every day I think about the ways she was there for me, how she supported me in reaching my goals and going after what I wanted. Mom had a quiet strength and she would observe until she had a pearl of wisdom to share, or she needed to get the attention of me or my 3 brothers. Then you could hear her for miles!

I decided to do this workout in her honor on Mother's Day this year because I have been missing her really badly lately. Plus, it was also her birthday, the 13th, as well as the day she died. 13 was always her favorite number and that is why when I compete or do a special event you might spy the #13 in a heart on my body. 

In CrossFit we have HERO workouts or WODs to honor those who have given their lives serving our country or community. The move in the workout and the # of reps and rounds have some significance to the hero. Since mine was for Mom, I call it a SHERO WOD.

Someone asked me what is a Shero anyway? A Shero is someone who supports women's rights. As the youngest and only girl with 3 brothers I had to fight hard to be heard, noticed and defend myself. Mom got me a t-shirt that said, "Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better" and I really believed it. It wasn't always true but I didn't let that stop me from trying. 

Mom never gave me special treatment (that was all Dad) or went easy on me because I was a girl. She encouraged me to fight even harder to be equal or better. 

As I was doing this workout by myself I could feel that I needed to work something out. When I'm having a tough day or start to doubt myself I will usually get a sign or message. The trick I've found is to listen...

 This workout was really tough: physically, emotionally and mentally. I had a lot going through my head and wanted to quit. That is how you know you are doing an appropriate Hero WOD. On the runs especially I kept thinking ,"this sucks, I am stopping after this round, why did I decide to do this and to do it alone?" Then as I was almost back to the gym for more I heard my Mom's voice. "Just don't stop. I don't care what you do, if you cry, just keep moving and don't stop. When things get hard YOU DON'T STOP. Keep Moving! Just don't stop."

And that, my friends, is what I did!

Thanks, Mom, for being my SHERO!! I miss you.


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