Thoughts on Doing the CrossFit Open this Year

I have done every CrossFit Open since I started CrossFit in 2012. This is a worldwide functional fitness competition to ultimately find the fittest athletes on Earth. What I like is that it allows me to see how my performance stacks up against women my age around the globe. 

Every year I both dread and look forward to it. It used to be 5 weekly workouts. Now I am very glad that it is only 3 weeks long. I dread not knowing the workouts ahead of time and how I will do. Over the years that feeling has shifted to just fitting the workouts in my weekly schedule with family, work, and travel. What I have learned is that all these things can be handled so that I can accomplish my ultimate goal - to participate, to finish and to give it my all on each workout. If I perform poorly or get a bad score I do not redo any of the workouts.

If I was at a competition and had a false start, was sick or otherwise screwed up there would be no do-overs. Some athletes repeat the same CF Open workout several times over the 5 days allowed to see if they can get a better score. Does it help? In my opinion, very rarely. You may not agree with me especially if you like to repeat workouts. If you are close to qualifying for the Games then yes, you should do everything to ensure the best shot at getting there.

If you are like me, an average Crossfitter who just wants to be healthy then repeating a workout could do more harm than good. I prefer to do the workout on Friday the day after it is released. That way I'm not worried about how I will do for the entire weekend and most importantly it gives my body time to rest and recover for the next week. It sounds silly but it takes a lot out of me because I leave it all out there. Remember?, no do-overs. LOL.

During the Open we are usually challenged with something new & unexpected. I love the challenge even though the anticipation and the not knowing what is to come scares the crap out of me. I can say that I have been surprised in every Open with a new skill or record that I've set. That is the reason I do this. Just to see what I’m capable of when I believe in myself is incredible. This year is going to be different as I have not done CrossFit for 6 months. And no, I didn’t get hurt. (Enough already. I know you thought it).

Every time I tell someone I do CrossFit the first thing they say is, “Don’t get Hurt.” I really need a snappy comeback to this. The main reason I haven’t been doing CrossFit is that we moved to a new town, and I am still learning my way around and getting lost. I feel like someone “Moved my Cheese”. (That’s a great book. You should read it).

 After 9-1/2 years of CrossFit my body needed to take a break. Other types of workouts and activities make up my training. This has helped my body become more flexible, stable and balanced. We will see how my strength and speed are soon. Here’s to a successful CF Open 2022! Cheers! This will be my 11th Open. Wish me luck. For more information go to or watch on You Tube.



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