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Have trouble sticking to an exercise routine for more than a few weeks?

Your Breath is Key!

You know what? The way you breathe affects so many things like performance, how you feel, and how fast you can run. 


What Type Of
Exerciser Are You?

1. The Lone Wolf
2. The Social Butterfly
3. The Nature Lover
4. The Party Animal

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What Type Of
Eater Are You?

1.     Variety is the Spice of Life
2.     Never Enough
3.     Who Cares?
4.     Intuitive

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Wellness for Anyone

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2 Secrets to Wellness

Be Prepared for Anything

Just like the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts I am prepared for anything. Some days I say to myself, "Why not? They believe in me!" When I first started CrossFit I made sure that I did not enquire about the next day's workout because I knew I would talk myself out of it by doubting. Now I know that doubt is a dream killer. I go into the gym knowing, not knowing. It doesn't matter because I SHOW UP, and I do not QUIT.

Be Greater than Your Fear

I never thought that my fitness would involve jumping on a simple wooden box. Only 5 pieces of wood and it has the capability to mess with your mind, turn a grown man or woman into a crumpled mess on the floor and to stop them in their tracks with FEAR.


We Can Do This!

Are a regular person who wants to get in better shape? Or are you a competitive athlete who wants to take your performance to the next level? That used to be me, and I am exceeding my goals every day. Let me be the one to help you exceed your goals! I know that WE can do this.


The Health & Fitness
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